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What You Wear Matters

From the blog I Am Laura Madden originally posted: Oct. 13

What you wear matters. What you wear can elevate you or bring you down; it can also impact the people around you and how they feel about you. But, what many people might not realize is that what you wear also says a lot about your values. Every purchase is a vote. -Laura Madden

We recently teamed up with fashion advocate, influencer, stylist, model and fellow Remake Ambassador, Laura Madden who possess the essence of the SixChel Woman. As a voice for sustainable fashion, Laura's great style will catch your eye and her tips towards a more sustainable lifestyle will help you through your journey. Below, you will find a piece from her blog post about our Demi Top.

Ethical Sustainable Fashion


As a fashion brand, SixChel demonstrates the philosophy that doing good can look as good as it feels. These are garments that are meant to be worn for real life- for work and play, for as many different occasions as you can imagine, and to be mixed and matched with the wardrobe you already own.
If you wear it, love it, take care of it, and plan to wear it for the long haul- this is sustainable fashion. SixChel has good intentions to dispel the allure of the fast fashion throwaway culture that is still [believe it or not] somewhat de rigeur. Sustainable clothing can be cute, trendy and cool. SixChel de-stigmatizes the myth that sustainable fashion is in any way drab, boring or unfashionable.
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